BORN: - -
England, 1982 - -
- - -
London, England - -
- - -
2001-2004 Fine Art/History of Art BA Honours Goldsmiths College
2006-2008 MA Fine Art Media Slade School of Fine Art
- - -
2004 'Crinkum-Crankum' m2 Gallery, London
- - -
2008 'Work' 1646, The Hague
2008 ‘Calypso’ Haizea Barcenilla Garcia Sala Rekalde, Bilbao
2008 ‘Taenu’ Tactile Bosch, Cardiff
2007 ‘Utopia and Violence’ Rethymo, Crete
2007 ‘Trace’ Woburn Research Centre, London
2007 ‘2 Days of Ladder Climbing’ Parker McMillan, London
2007 ‘Art Car Boot Fair’' Truck Art, London
2007 ‘Charade’  Richard McRae and Yuko Noda Ada Street Gallery, London
2006 ‘Kunst Art Fair’ Truck Art, Bolzano
2006 ‘Art Car Boot Fair’ Truck Art, London
2006 ‘For centuries to come, many years will pass’ Truck Art by invitation of Vilma Gold, London
2005 ‘Hotel Flash Art Fair’ Truck Art, Milan
2005 ‘Performing Furniture’ Chelsea School of Art and Design, artist invitation, collaboration with Julia Manheim
2005 ‘Trucker Prize’ Joe Frazer Prague Biennale 2
2004 ‘Yesvember’ Mark McGowen House Gallery, Camberwell, London
- - -
2008 Duveen bursary
2007 ‘Utopia Project; experimentation and research in contemporary artistic practices’ by invitation, Rethymo, Crete
- - -
Private Collections in England and the Channel Islands
- -
In my videos, photographs and sculptures I investigate how we recognize success and failure in objects, people and situations. Concerned with capabilities and the expectations that are formed around them I often create situations in which human physical and mental capability are generalized, I push them to the point where they simply become alternative ways of being or markers of potential, foregrounding the question of how success is determined in both life and art, and how 'real' or mediated this determination is.