BORN: - -
U.K. 1972 - -
- - -
London, U.K., Dublin, Ireland - -
- - -
2002-2004 MFAThe Slade School
1991-1995 BA Limerick School of Art & Design
- - -
upcoming I live in the cracks in the walls Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin
2007 White Picket Fencing The Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick, Ireland
2007 The Long Goodbye Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda, Ireland
2005 Sea of Unknowing Pallas Heights, Dublin, Ireland
2004 No Manís Land West Cork Arts Centre, Co. Cork, Ireland
2002 Dirty Trash Drogheda Arts Centre, Drogheda, Ireland
1999 Woman Friarís Gate Theatre, Co. Limerick, Ireland
- - -
2008 Parallax Fieldgate Gallery, London
2008 Defining Space Original Print Gallery, Dublin
2007 The Future Can Wait, Ellis Rumley Projects Atlantis Gallery, London
2007 Walking through Walls Artistís Gallery, Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
2007 Milestones Black Church Print Studio, Dublin
2007 Spring Salon 07 Energy Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007 Sound:Space Sound Symposium, Bracknell, UK
2007 Cead in China travelling to Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou
2007 Hung, drawn & quartered Original Print Gallery, Dublin & Carlinn Gallery, Carlingford
2006 Site-specific Exhibition Backwater Artists Group, Cork
2006 The Birmingham School of Business School Colony, Birmingham
2006 Black: Implication Flooding Colony, Birmingham
2006 Another Product Exhibition Cornerhouse, Manchester
2005 All at once, together, at the same time Colony, Birmingham
2005 Contemporary Prints 3 London Print Studio, London
2005 Artist as Publisher The Workroom Gallery, Dublin
2005 Clo411 Gallery, China
2004 Young Gods Clapham Art Gallery, London
2004 M.F.A. / M.A. Graduate Show The Slade School of Fine Art, London
2004 RHA Annual Show Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin (invited artist)
2003 Annual Exhibition of Prints Machida Municipal Museum of Prints, Tokyo
2003 Contemporary Prints 1 London Print Studio, London
2003 Portraits Original Print Gallery, Dublin
2003 ConTon Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
2003 Interim Show Slade School of Fine Art, London
2003 AIB Art Prize Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin
2003 Fresh Fruit Pallas Studios, Dublin
2002 Fresh Art Fair Islington Business Centre, London
2002 Proof The Workroom, Dublin
2002 Print Alternatives West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Cork
2002 Semi-Detached Original Print Gallery, Dublin
2001 From Ritual to Romance Catalyst Arts, Belfast
2001 2World Festival of Art on Paper, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2001 Print The Cross Gallery, Dublin
2001 Print / Estampe 2001 Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
2000 119th Annual Exhibition Royal Ulster Academy, Belfast
2000 The Emperorís Wardrobe Original Print Gallery, Dublin, and Butler Gallery, Kilkenny
2000 Wish You Were Here Original Print Gallery, Dublin, and Triskel Arts Centre, Cork
- - -
2008-2010 Artist Bursary, Arts Council of Ireland
2008-2011 Artist-in-Residence, Fire Station Artists Studios
2007 Artist Bursary, Arts Council of Ireland
2006 Artist Bursary, Arts Council of Ireland
2004 Adrian Carruthers Award, The Slade School of Fine Art, London (short listed)
2003 Arts and Humanities Research Board, London
2003 Mary Farl Powers Award for Printmakers, Arts Council of Ireland
2003 Professional Development & Training Award, Arts Council of Ireland
2003 AIB Art Prize, Dublin (shortlisted)
2002 The South Square Trust, The Slade School of Fine Art, London
2002 Euan Uglow Scholarship, The Slade School of Fine Art, London
2002 Artists Bursary, Dublin City Council
2002 Professional Development & Training Award, Arts Council of Ireland
2001 2. World Festival of Art on Paper, Ljubljana (short listed)
2001 Artflight Travel Award, Arts Council of Ireland
2000 Visual Art Documentation Grant, Arts Council of Ireland
1999 Artist-in-Residence, Arts Council of Ireland
- - -
06-2008 Eimear McKeith, Defining Space, Circa Art Magazine
Summer 2008 Riann Coulter, The AIB Prize, The Irish Arts Review
16-05-2008 Marc OíSullivan, Artistic Visions, The Irish Examiner
05-03-2008 Aidan Dunne, Metaphysical Attraction, The Irish Times
2007 Paul McAree, Sea of Unknowing, Pallas Heights 2003-2006 book
27-06-2007 Aidan Dunne, A vulnerable, beautiful, last goodbye, The Irish Times
2007 Kate Betts, Milestones, Milestones exhibition catalogue
2007 James Ryan, Cead in China, exhibition catalogue
15-12-2005 Aidan Dunne, Corks lost opportunities, The Irish Times
12-11-2007 Aidan Dunne, Irish studios revel in the power of the print, The Irish Times
19-10-2005 Aidan Dunne, Open to our interpretation, The Irish Times
2005 James Ryan, Clo in China, exhibition catalogue
2005 Alison Pilkington, Artist as Publisher, exhibition catalogue
11-2005 Paul McAree, Sea of Unknowing,
04-11-2004 James McCreavy, No Manís Land, The Southern Star
05-04-2003 Aidan Dunne, Exciting photo finish, The Irish Times
20-02-2002 Aidan Dunne, Evocations of Childhood, The Irish Times
17-02-2002 Marianne Hartigan, Northern Exposure, The Sunday Tribune
10-11-2001 Annette Moloney, Limerick Small Print, Art Bulletin
01-02-2001 Pauline Casey, Art Alternatives, Art Bulletin
2001 Avril Percival, Print /Estampe 2001, exhibition catalogue
- - -
AIB Art Collection, Dublin
AXA Insurance, Dublin
G.E. Aviation, Limerick
Limerick School of Art & Design
Private Collections in London, New York, Paris, Ljubljana, Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Belfast, Glasgow, Liverpool,
- -
My work refers to an in-between space, one that is reflective of social, psychological and / or physical conditions. It infers states of psychological discomfort and ensuing behavioural conditions such as obsessive behavioural patterns, paranoia, a compulsion to control, agoraphobia, claustrophobia etc.

My practice is multidisciplinary and location is fundamental to my concerns. I use installation as a material through which the emotive experience of a space is manipulated to create a disorientating psychological environment. The spaces I interfere with become highly sensory environments. Using devices such as sporadic sound, live malfunction, scale, and the multiple, I wish to affect the psyche of the viewer through an involuntary, sensory response to the work.