1 What is/are the primary reason(s) for you to make work in the first place?
My artistic practise allows me to reflect and comment on the world we live in and to create visual forms that offer a space of thought and possibilities for the viewer and myself.

2 What do you intend your work to convey to an audience?

My works offers the viewer an emotional and intellectual playground to question the conditions we live in. My drawings and sculptures have a highly seductive power and still embody questions about physical, social and psychological spaces that echo our current state.

3 Why do you work in your chosen medium and format?
My practice circles around our notion of the physical environment and the mediated experience we have from these places. The image is important as the space. Therefore my practise includes both sculptural and image- based work. The decision what medium I chose is always driven by a conceptual understanding of my interests.

4 Technically speaking how do you go about constructing your work, that is the image or object itself? What devices do you employ?
For my sculpture I pursue a way of intuitively collecting found objects and combing them in considerate ways to reach the content and formal dimension I知 interested in. My drawings are compositions of an endless image archive I collected over many years. By re- contextualising those fragments I have can invent an imagery that hovers between factual documents and fictional inventions.

5 Which period(s)/artists/specific works of art are you influenced by and how directly? How does this manifest in your work?
Most of my sources come from photography and film and through the translation into other medias such as drawings and sculptures I have the possibility to comment on the history of the notion of our world through those medias.
I知 inspired by films like Metropolis, Blade Runner, The Third Man, books by J.G. Ballard, the Helsinki School but also the dramatic compositions of Baroque paintings and the sublime landscapes by Romantic Painters.

6 What stimulates/informs your work from the world around you?
I知 concerned with the actual environment we live in, global city planning, the commodification of our natural world, tourism, urban and rural life style, private and public spaces, the blurring of real and simulated places and how we experience these spaces through all kind of mediated filters.

7 From where do you derive your other visual source material (i.e. non art historical) and how do you implement this material within your work?
Strolling through the city and discovering architectural features and natural objects I collect various pieces that I bring to my studio. Over time I develop a concept around those objects and by assembling them I develop my sculptures that comment on the issues I知 interested in. My visual archive is built from images I collected in actual places or in libraries all over the world and from visual snapshots I download from the Internet. This source material allows me to create a fictional world in ink on paper.

8 What are the main problems that you face in making your work?
Today we have to raise our voices in a highly saturated and accelerated world and to find a unique language is a big challenge.

8 Where do you intend to take your work from here?
I plan to work on a project that combines images and sculptural works. By caring out my drawings into the physical environment and by staging them in the landscape I値l examine the relationship between imagination, advertisement promises and actual social spaces. My practice will extend to the point where it becomes site specific.