Established in 2007, The Future Can Wait is a direct response to Zavier
Ellis' and Simon Rumley’s twelve years experience of the London art scene.

Having discovered, curated and collected many of the most exciting young and
progressive artists in London during this period, both Ellis and Rumley have
become known for spotting rising talent early. The Future Can Wait is a
multi-disciplinary museum-scale survey show that features London's leading
emerging to mid career artists who work in painting, drawing, video,
sculpture, performance and installation. Conceived to compliment and
complete London’s Frieze week, The Future Can Wait represents an ambitious,
privately funded and curated show that offers a much needed alternative
experience to the art fair routine.

In response to the impact of The Future Can Wait, Ellis and Rumley have
curated gallery shows in Berlin, LA, Naples & Rome and continue to be
invited to mount exhibitions elsewhere. 2010 sees a move to Shoreditch Town
Hall, where Ellis and Rumley look forward to engaging with its ghostly
Victorian basement.

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