1998-2000 Royal College of Art London MA in Painting
1994-1997 Chelsea College of Art, London BA Hons (1st Class) in Fine Art Painting
2007 Claire Pestaille Rokeby, London
2005 Necromancy Rokeby, London
1998 Borderline Duncan Cargil Gallery, London
2011 The Saatchi Gallery & Channel 4’s New Sensations and The Future Can Wait (curated by Zavier Ellis, Simon Rumley & Rebecca Wilson) B1, Victoria House, London
2011 Charlie Sierra Lima CHARLIE SMITH london, London
2011 Polemically Small (curated by Edward Lucie-Smith) Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, Klaipeda
2011 The Future Can Wait presents: Polemically Small (curated by Zavier Ellis, Edward Lucie-Smith, Max Presneill & Simon Rumley) Torrance Art Museum, Torrance
2010 The Future Can Wait (curated by Zavier Ellis & Simon Rumley) CHARLIE SMITH london, London
2010 La Belle Dame Sans Merci Vegas Gallery, London
2010 The Term Reality Paul Stolper, London
2010 Papyrophilia CHARLIE SMITH london, London
2010 Demonology CHARLIE SMITH london, London
2008 My art, Collectors share their passion Zuiderzeemuseum, Netherlands
2008 Promenade Insomniaque (curated by Marie Shek) Passage de Retz, Paris
2008 Promenade Insomniaque (curated by Marie Shek) Petah Tikva Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2008 Painting at Chelsea 1990 - 2006 (curated by Clyde Hopkins) Triangle Gallery, Chelsea Futurespace, London
2007 Jerwood Contemporary Painters Touring Exhibition
2007 Group show Engholm Engelhorn Galerie, Vienna
2006 The Portrait Ashwin Street, London
2005 Young Masters (curated by F. Fairbarn and M. Allthorpe-Guyton) St John Street, London
2005 Acid Drops and Sugar Candy Transition gallery and FosterArt, London
2005 Faltering Flame (curated by David Thorp) Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
2004 Forever Beautiful Clapham Art Gallery, London
2004 Short Stories About Glammer Hiscox Projects, London
2004 Gothmoth Transition Gallery, London
2004 The Great Unsigned Izo Gallery, London
2004 The Great Unsigned The Zoo Art Fair, London
2004 Aftershock A1 Gallery, Hong Kong
2004 Art Car Boot Fair Keith Talent, The Keith Talent Gallery, London
2004 Faith Transition Gallery, London
2004 Faith C.A.S Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2003 A Portrait of Francis Bacon as a Corpse Exquisite 39 Mitchell Street, London
2003 Bad Touch, International Drawing Show Keith Talent Gallery, London
2011 Maria Antoinetta Magazine, Italy, by Francesca Renica  
2011 Glamcult Magazine, by Tara Zoekt Een Woning, Utrecht, Netherlands  
2011 Kinki Magazine, Florence Ritter, Zurich  
2007 The Artists Studio, Garageland  
2006 Project 17, Dream-Screen, Talith Mariposas Journal, Kilimanjaro  
2005 The Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Prince, Miser & Now, Edition 7  
2005 Necromancy, with essay by David Thorp and forward by Beth Greenacre  
2005 Claire Pestaille, Martin Herbert, Time Out, 7-12 September  
2005 Ghostly Gallery, Helen Sumpter, The Big Issue, 5-11  
2005 Raising The Dead, Rowan Kerek, BBC Collective, 1 September  
2005 Claire Pestaille: Necromancy, Fisun Gner, Metro Life, 31 August  
2005 Claire Pestaille, Jessica Lack, The Guardian Guide, 20 August  
2005 Necromancy, Hephzibar Anderson, The Evening Standard, 15 August  
2005 Faltering Flame (catalogue), Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield,David Thorp artists included the Chapman Brothers, Tracy  
2005 Emin, Christian Ward, Stuart Brisley, Jeremy Deller and Gilbert and George  
The Saatchi Collection
The Zabludowicz Collection
Project New Art, Netherlands
Nick Crean
Gerrit Groen
Kai van Hasselt
Alex Kleinberger