1991-1993 Royal College of Art Royal College of Art
1988-1991 BA (Hons) in Fine Art Winchester School of Art
2012 Solo exhibition Poppy Sebire Gallery, London
2010 Multiverse Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
2010 Brasilia Koraalberg Gallery, Antwerp
2010 Automatic Shoes Poppy Sebire Gallery, London
2010 VOLTA 6 New York
2009 Simultaneous Dreams AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2009 Accelerator Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
2008 Jackson AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2007 Happenstance AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2007 Singularity Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
2006 There is no such thing as pure Hales Gallery, London
2006 Hinterland Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
2005 Obstraction AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2005 Rutherford Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
2002 Locations Chapter, Cardiff
2001 Famous Italians Hales Gallery, London
1999 YK Mark, Oxo Tower, London
1996 FOCUS Paton Gallery, London
1995 Cultural Instructions London
2012 Around the world in 80 days Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles (touring)
2011A few friends TESTBED, London
2011 London-Berlin Galerie Fruehsorge, Berlin
2011 Polemically small Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles
2011 The Perfect Crime 4A, Malvern
2011 Summer Show 2011 Royal Academy, London (invited)
2011 Dream Skipper Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
2011 Drawing Room 2011 Drawing Room, London
2011 Smaller than a lemon Angelika Studios, High Wycombe
2010A New Chapter Poppy Sebire Gallery, London
2010 501 up Zero10 gallery, London
2010 Summer Show 2010 Royal Academy, London
2010A Miasma ASC Gallery, London
2010 In Conversation Huguenot Gallery, London
2010 Elevated Rottet Studio, Los Angeles
2009 We’re moving Royal College of Art, London
2009 Fate and Freewill Contemporary Art Space, Riverside, California
2009 Obsession (work from Lodeveans collection) University of Leeds Gallery
2009 Drawing 200 Drawing Room, London
2009 Reconstructing the old house The Nunnery (toured to Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge)
2009 Summer Show 2009 Royal Academy London (invited)
2009 Caos v Ordine AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2009 Supersurface Laurent Delaye Gallery, London
2009 You are more beautiful than a butterfly Turpentine Gallery, Reykjavik
2009 PAPERVIEW John Jones Project Space, London
2008 Freshly Baked Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
2008 Park Avenue Southampton City Art Gallery, Hampshire
2008 Pure Optic Ray FRED Gallery, Leipzig
2008 Superstratum Koraalberg Gallery, Antwerp
2008 Her House Her House Gallery, London
2008 Paper Show AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2008 Hypersurface OVADA, Oxford
2008 Through The Star Gate AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2008 Tipping Point Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
2008 Arts Futures 08 Contemporary Arts Society, Bloomberg Space, London
2007A Carry on in The House of the Atomic Comic Carter/Gallagher Gallery, London
2007 Lady Holic Rod Barton Invites, London
2007 Arts Futures 07 Contemporary Arts Society, Bloomberg Space, London
2007 Drawing 200 Drawing Room, London
2006 COROLA Camberwell Art Space, London
2006 When forms become attitude AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2006 Cold Climate Living Arts Museum, Reykjavik
2006 Mimoid L.A.F., London
2005 Pie Fight AR/ Contemporary, Milan
2005 Cynthia Broan Gallery New York
2005 Drawing 200 Drawing Room , London
2005 Pencil Carter Presents , London
2005 nice to meet you Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles
2004 twentyfourbythirty Keith Talent, London
2004 Obstractivist Hales Gallery, London
2004 Cold Climate APT Gallery, London
2004 Collage Bloomberg Space, London
2003 New British Painting John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
2003 Drawn 2b wild Hales Gallery, London
2003 Bad Touch Keith Talent,London
2003 √-1 Kontainer, Los Angeles
2003 Miniature Kybidou Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2003 Painting Year Zero Keith Talent, London
2003 RMIT Gallery Melbourne, Australia
2003 Carnegie Gallery Hobart, Tasmania
2002 John Moores 22 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
2002 Miniature Raid Projects, Los Angeles
2002 Superfluity Riga Contemporary Museum, Latvia
2002 Loco for Rococo Nunnery, London
2002 Bold and Beautiful Mile End Pavilions, London
2002 Giardino’, Modena Museum, Modena; touring to Centro Culturale, Paggeria; Studio d’Arte Raffaelli, Trento; and Galleria Del Tasso Arte Contemporanea, Italy
2002 Crosscurrents Raid Projects and Miller-Durazo Gallery, Los Angeles
2000 Two person show Hales Gallery, London
2000 John I’m Only Dancing Touring show; Collective Gallery, Edinburgh; Margaret Harvey Gallery, St Albans
2000 Beautiful Oxo Tower, London
2000 Colour Coded Rubicon Gallery, Dublin
2000 Sporadinate Lock Up, London
1998 Hapax K-pax Danielle Arnaud, London
1998 Eliminate the Negative Gasworks, London
1998 Davies, Malinowski, Rolph, Wallinger BSR Gallery, Rome
1996 Bureau de Change Rustin Foundation, Antwerp
1996 Group show 5020 Gallery, Salzburg
1996 Group show Economist Building, London
2009 Visiting Professor, Bucks New University
2009 Visiting Fellow, University of Southampton
2007 Hamlyn Award (nominated)
2001 London Arts: Visual Arts Award
1998 Abbey Scholar, British School at Rome, Italy
1994-1996 Delfina Trust Award
1992 John Minton Travel Award
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