1 What is/are the primary reason(s) for you to make work in the first place?
‘”Instinctive desire”

2 What do you intend your work to convey to an audience?

3 Why do you work in your chosen medium and format?
“Because I am interested in painting skill.”

4 Technically speaking how do you go about constructing your work, that is the image or object itself? What devices do you employ?
“I use photoshop and Illustrator and then collage on canvas.”

5 Which period(s)/artists/specific works of art are you influenced by and how directly? How does this manifest in your work?
“Anselm Kiefer” “Peter Doig” “Michael Raedecker” “Laura Owens” I mainly influenced techniques from them.”

6 What stimulates/informs your work from the world around you?

7 What stimulates/informs your work from your own personal experience?

8 From where do you derive your other visual source material (i.e. non art historical) and how do you implement this material within your work?
“Books internet photos any visual materials.

9 What are the main problems that you face in making your work?

10 Where do you intend to take your work from here?
“I do not know.”